Undergraduate Tuition, Room, Board & Fees 2024-2025

Tuition & Required Fees

​Tuition / Fee
​General Tech Fee​$460.00
​Activity Fee$420.00

Tuition is based on a regular course load (Refer to Academic Information).

Extra course charges may apply for additional courses.

Providence College reserves the right to modify its educational, extracurricular, and other programs for its students at any time including and without limitation its right to provide any of the educational and extracurricular programs remotely. Tuition and required fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be refunded in the event instruction or programs occur remotely for any part of the academic year for any reason.

Room Options​Fall​Spring​Total
​Residence Halls*$5,135.00$5,135.00$10,270.00
​Residence Halls Single$5,385.00$5,385.00$10,770.00
Semi-Suite $6,165.00$6,165.00$12,330.00
​Three Bedroom Suite$6,465.00$6,465.00$12,930.00
Two Bedroom Suite$6,680.00$6,680.00$13,360.00
​Three Bedroom Apartment Rental$7,850.00$7,850.00$15,700.00
​Two Bedroom Apartment Rental$7,980.00$7,980.00$15,960.00

* Required for First-year students.

UG Meal PlansFall​Spring​Total
Anytime Dining 7 Day(*1)$3,785.00$3,785.00$7,570.00
​19 Meal Plan(*2)$3,490.00$3,490.00$6,980.00
14 Meal Plan(*3)$3,275.00$3,275.00$6,550.00
​Friar Block 165 Plan(*4)$3,045.00$3,045.00$6,090.00
Friar Block 105 Plan$2,135.00$2,135.00$4,270.00
Non-Residential Block 50 Plan(*5)$935.00$935.00$1,870.00

(*1)Required for all First-year students.

(*2)Minimum meal plan required for Sophomores or higher living in a Residence Hall.

(*3)Minimum meal plan required for all students living in a Semi-Suite.

(*4)Minimum meal plan required for all students living in Suites.

(*5)Available to off-campus and commuter students only.

All requests to change your designated meal plan must be made via email​ to the Office of Residence Life at reslife@providence.edu.  Requests to add or increase a meal plan may be made at any time. Requests to reduce or cancel a meal plan, if applicable, must be submitted no later than the second Friday after the start of classes.

Required on Campus Fees​Fall​Spring​Total
Laundry Fee (Resident student only)​$75.00​$75.00$150.00
Special Fees​​Total
Nursing Program Fee (All four years)$1,350.00
Health Sciences Program Fee (First year only)$850.00
​Computer Lab Fees (per lab)​$115.00
​Computer Applications in Business Fee FIN 113​$325.00
​Art Studio (Per Course)​$140.00
​Piano Lab Fee (Per Course)​$80.00
​Science Lab (Per Course)​$190.00
​Psychology Lab (Per Course)​$190.00
​Video Production Fee (Per Course)​$130.00
​Music Ed Practicum Fee​$65.00
Education Practicum Fee I ​$120.00
​Education Practicum Fee II ​$65.00
​Music Lesson Fee (Per Course)​$600.00
​Study Abroad – Semester/Year$1,000.00
Study Abroad – Summer​$200.00
​Special Student Fee (per credit)​$2,100.00
​Graduation Fee​$250.00
​Student Health Insurance **$1,881.00
Late Change of Course Fee​$150.00
Application Fee$65.00
Application Fee Readmit$65.00
**Required of all full-time UG students. May be waived with proof of eligible coverage.