Undergraduate Tuition, Room, Board & Fees 2017-2018

Tuition & Required Fees

(without Room & Board)
​Tuition / Fee 
​General Tech Fee​$430.00
​Activity Fee​$330.00

Tuition is based on a regular course load (Refer to Academic Information).

Extra course charges may apply for additional courses.

Room Options​Fall​Spring​Total
​Residence Halls​$4,105.00​$4,105.00​$8,210.00*
​Three Bedroom Apartment Rental​$6,220.00​$6,220.00​$12,440.00
​Two Bedroom Apartment Rental​$6,320.00​$6,320.00​$12,640.00
​2 Bedroom Suite​$5,290.00​$5,290.00​$10,580.00
​3 Bedroom Suite​$5,120.00​$5,120.00​$10,240.00

* Required for Freshman

Meal Options​Fall​Spring​Total
Unlimited Meal Plan​$3,015.00​$3,015.00​$6,030.00*
​15 Meal Plan​$2,795.00​$2,795.00​$5,590.00**
​11 Meal Plan​$2,285.00​$2,285.00​$4,570.00***
​7 Meal Plan​$1,780.00​$1,780.00​$3,560.00****
​75 Block ​Meal Plan​$1035.00​$1035.00​$2,070.00****

*Required for all Freshmen living in a Residence Hall.

**Minimum meal plan required for Sophomores or higher living in a Residence Hall.

***Minimum meal plan required for all students living in the Suites.

****Only an option for Off Campus Students and Students living in the Apartments

All requests to change your designated meal plan must be made via email​ to the Office of Residence Life at reslife@providence.edu.  Requests must be submitted no later than 7 business days from the first day of classes.

Required on Campus Fees​Fall​Spring​Total
​On Campus Laundry Fee​$67.00​$67.00​$134.00
Special Fees​​Total
​Computer Lab Fees (per lab)​$110.00
​Computer Applications in Business Fee I​$300.00
​Computer Applications in Business Fee II​$220.00
​Art Studio (Per Course)​$130.00
​Piano Lab Fee (Per Course)​$70.00
​Science Lab (Per Course)​$185.00
​Psychology Lab (Per Course)​$185.00
​Video Production Fee (Per Course)​$120.00
​Music Ed Practicum Fee​$60.00
Student Teaching Practicum Fee I **​​$115.00
​Student Teaching Practicum Fee II **​$60.00
​Music Lesson Fee​$575.00
​Study Abroad - Semester/Year$1,000.00
Study Abroad - Summer​$200.00
​Special Student Fee (per credit)​$1,596.00
​Graduation Fee​$210.00
​Student Health Insurance *$1,888.00
Late Registration Fee​$150.00