Undergraduate Day School Payment Policies

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Outstanding indebtedness to the college will result in a financial hold being placed on a student’s account. This suspends the right of a student to register, receive a degree, grade reports, transcript, or letter of recommendation.

It is very important that all outstanding balances on a student’s account be paid in full at the beginning of each semester to avoid being put on financial hold.

An outstanding balance represents the amount not covered by a CashNet budget contract, authorized financial aid, outside loans approved by the lender & certified by Providence College, or any outside scholarship or 3rd Party payment for which the Bursar’s office has received an award letter.

Late Payments and Financial Holds

  • $100 late fee will be charged for payments received after published due date.
  • A student’s account will be placed on a financial hold for outstanding balances not paid by the published due date. Students on a financial hold will be prevented from registering for classes, receiving grade reports, transcripts, letters of recommendation, or a degree.
  • For all personal checks and ACH payments received within 10 days of registration for the following semester, the account will remain on financial hold for 5 business days pending clearance of funds by the bank.
  • Holds will be removed immediately with payment of a certified or bank check, money order, or wire transfer.
  • Students should be aware that in the unlikely event that they fail to meet their financial obligation, a delinquency report may be filed to a credit bureau and the account may be sent to a collection agency.  Once an account is sent to a collection agency, the student is responsible for all past due tuition and fees as well as collection costs, which may include penalties, interest, attorney’s fees and court costs.

Refunds of Overpayments

  • If a student has a credit balance on their account, they can request a refund of overpayments by emailing us at  refunds@providence.edu.  Please include: student name, Banner ID, amount being requested, where to send check (if not to be picked up in Harkins Hall)
  • Refunds for the current semester may be requested once a student’s aid has been disbursed to their account and a credit balance exists.  Please note that most financial aid is not posted until after the course schedule adjustment period in order to confirm a student’s full-time status and eligibility for financial aid.
  • Please check your account on Cyberfriar before requesting your refund to confirm your aid has been disbursed.
  • Once a refund is requested, checks will be available approximately two weeks from the receipt of the request.
  • Please note requested refund amounts based on financial aid are subject to adjustment based on review and approval by the Financial Aid office.