Federal Perkins Loans

The Federal Perkins loan is a student loan where Providence College acts as the lender using a limited pool of funds provided by the Federal government. This loan is need based and is determined by the Office of Financial Aid based on the information provided on the FAFSA.

The interest rate is fixed at 5%.

Repayment of this loan begins 9 months after graduation or 9 months after a borrower ceases to attend Providence College at least half time.

Requirement Information for First Time Borrowers

If you have been awarded a Federal Perkins Loan by the Office of Financial Aid you are required to complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Requirements. To complete both requirements visit www.signmyloan.com.

This website is through University Accounting Service (UAS), whom is partnered with Providence College for their administration services of the Federal Perkins loan.

Once on the www.signmyloan.com website, click on the gray box labeled ‘Continue’.  On the next screen, click on the gray box labeled ‘Create Online Account’.  Enter in the required information as follows:

  • Identification Number = Borrowing student’s social security number
  • Postal Code = Borrowing student’s zip code
  • Date of Birth = Borrowing student’s date of birth mm/dd/year
  • Driver License Number = Enter ‘none’
  • Email Address = Borrowing student’s PC email address
  • Username = Borrowing student needs to create with the criteria noted
  • Password = Borrowing student needs to create
  • Verify Password = Re-enter borrower created password
  • Question = Borrowing student must select a security question
  • Answer = Borrowing student must enter answer to above security question
  • Verify Answer = Re-enter borrower created security answer

Then click ‘Continue’. The website will lead you through the requirements.

The entrance counseling requirements are federal requirements that every new loan recipient must complete. This process is designed to make sure the borrower understands the terms and conditions of the loan. Please read this information carefully.

This website allows you to complete and sign a MPN over the internet. This note will be used for all of your Federal Perkins Loans for your four years at Providence College . In future years you will not be required to sign another master promissory note. However, you will need to log into this system at the beginning of every school year to accept your loan.

Previous Borrowers (Returning students awarded Perkins loans)

In previous academic years, you logged in to accept your Federal Perkins loan by using your FAFSA pin.  Effective May 2015, the US Department of Education is no longer using FAFSA pins.   Beginning with the 15-16 academic year, borrowers needed to set up an username and password, as noted above.  You will need your username and password that you created last year to accept your 2017-2018 Perkins loan.  If you do not know your username or password, please follow steps below.

Visit the following website address:​​

Once on this site, click the grey box labeled ‘continue’.
If you do not know your username and password, please follow the below steps :
  • Click on the box labeled ‘username and password’.
    • To obtain username, click on the link ‘I don’t know my username’
      • Enter in your Providence College email address
      • Type in the security code shown
    • To obtain password, repeat steps above but select the link ‘I don’t know my password’
      • Enter your username you just obtained using above steps
      • Type in security code shown

​I​f any assistance is needed creating an online account at www.signmyloan.com  ​please contact our loan servicer, University Accounting Service, at 1-800-999-6227.

Repayment Information

Providence College is the lender for the Federal Perkins loan.  This loan enters repayment 9 months after graduation or 9 months after the borrower ceases to attend school at least half time.  University Accounting Service (UAS) is the servicer for the Federal Perkins loan.  You can access your account online at www.uasecho.com.  You can also access loan information and deferment forms online at www.uaservice.com​​